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A new tool to prevent varicose veins and the removal of all the symptoms, the gel against varicose veins Varius Plus. It is no longer necessary to tolerate the excruciating pain and persistent fatigue, Your feet find the beauty past and the freedom!

Excellent news! Now, to order a freeze in Portugal. Simply enter your name and Your phone via the official website, specifying the name and the phone, and wait for a call from a manager to organize the details of the delivery. The price of the producer - 39 €.

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Family therapist, a general practitioner
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In spite of the multitude of modern technologies and the progress of science in the field of medicine and health, the problem of varicose veins, especially on the legs, every year increases. This trend is observed across the world, including here in Portugal. His patients recommended for the treatment and prevention of varicose veins and all the days of using the gel Varius Plus. It is natural, safe and effective way for the treatment of early stages of varicose veins, and as an adjuvant in the treatment of varicose veins in a state of abandonment.

The constant tiredness and dominates a feeling of heaviness in the legs, began to notice the appearance of blue, the stars on the skin do vienna or ugly nodules, and closer to the end of the day, swollen ankles...?

an easy step, and beautiful legs without varicose veins -gel Varius More

All these are signs of development of varicose disease. But do not despair, and stop suffering the pain in the legs. Experience an effective new tool to solve all these problems, the gel against varicose veins Varius Plus!

The gel Varius Plus - a new life without varicose veins

Now, get rid of varicose veins, you can as an outpatient procedure using the gel, without the filing of a multitude of analyses, visit of physician and other specialty physicians and expensive private clinics. And especially - thanks to this tool does not need to expose inecient injections and dangerous surgery. With the gel against varicose veins Varius Plus finally, we can open a new page in life! You forget that is this that all night falling on nail-biting covert, and excruciating pain, which does not, even at rest, after rest and sleep. And your feet regain attractiveness and beauty, return to the ease and freedom of movement...

It is important to know! Portugal is a country of origin gel Varius Plus is not sold in pharmacies and retail stores. Buy in Portugal, you can order only via the official website of the manufacturer.

Why do you need to gel against varicose veins

In the first place, the varicose veins are one of the main reasons why we feel always tired, refusing to walk after work and leisure on the weekend. Consequently, the varicosities initially directly a negative impact on the life of every day. In addition, the second and the continuation of the development phase of this nasty disease include, in particular women, aesthetic damage. Dilated veins are noted on the skin, forming blue stars... All of it is very ugly and has a negative impact on the appearance. The women begin to hesitate to wear revealing clothes, trying to hide the presence explicit of a problem. And finally the health. If time does not pay attention to the dilation of the veins and not to start the treatment, the symptoms of varicose veins will only get worse, until the formation of ulcers and bleeding.

Apply the gel against varicose veins - benefits Varius Plus

In our time, there are a multitude of methods of struggle with varicose veins. Generally, they are related in one way or another with the specialist services of surgeons operating of the intervention, the bites. There is a treatment of varicose veins by laser. However, each of these methods can afford to all the world. Because, the cost of each service is high. And, worse, assumes the risk of complications. Therefore, the gel against varicose veins Varius Plus - a true innovation in the field of beauty and health. In this case, unlike other similar tools, this tool has repeatedly confirmed its effectiveness through scientific studies, clinical trials on volunteers. Also, has already received not a few comments of consumers, which confirm that the manufacturer of properties correspond to the reality.

The gel is produced in the tube. A pretty packaging of two to four weeks, with everyday use twice a day. Given the affordable price and high quality, Varius Plus the ideal solution to get rid of the symptoms of varicose veins, prevent its occurrence or development.

We would like to draw Your attention! The price of the producer - 39 € — what is the price in other countries. Beware of imitations at low prices. Prepayment is not required, the payment by the fact of the receipt of the order.

a natural remedy against wareznova varicose veins Varius More

Without the chemistry and harm to the body - composition and secure:

Safe composition of natural components - one of the important benefits Varius Plus. Thanks to this, the daily use of gel, even over long periods of time does not cause negative side effects, allergic reactions, does not have hidden damage to the body.

The tool Varius Plus universal. Equally effective for the treatment of varicose veins in women and in men. Does not require the appointment of a physician. Has no contra-indications. A rare exception individual intolerance of one component. Application in time of pregnancy, breast-feeding, as well as in cases of neglected varicose veins - in agreement with the treating physician.

The results of clinical trials and tests on volunteers*

Despite the positive results of scientific research, the manufacturer of gel Varius Plus a number of clinical trials and tests on volunteers. The results that are presented in the table below.

healthy feet without varicose veins after use of the gel Varius More


The absence of side effects. Already after a week of use Varius Plusit was noted a total absence of the appearance of edema (even in women after 8 hours on the heels). Also the participants have confirmed the lack of a sense of heaviness in the legs by the end of the day.


The reduction of the convex streaks and the resolution of sprockets blue on the legs, the lack of seizures, a significant improvement of the general state of health, increase of physical activity

*As the voluntary participation of men and women of different race, ages 21 to 60 years. Test was conducted in a period of three months with the daily use of the gel twice a day.

Gel anti-varicose veins Varius Plus - how do I, the delivery terms and conditions

To order the gel, fill the form on the official website. Indicate in the name fields and the phone number, wait for a call from a manager to get advice and further details.

In Portugal, the delivery is made by post within 2 to 7 working days depends on the city and the use of commands. Paid an order only upon receipt at the delivery.

To this day, the gel Varius Plus already received many positive comments, and thank you, everyone once again confirms its high efficiency and safety! Thanks to this tool, already more than 10 000 european men and women have found health and freedom of movement! Try it and You.